Light my candles, in a daze cuz i found god

favourite songs: Led Zeppelin - Going to California

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Today has been one giant dump on top of another giant dump the just keeps getting dumped on.

Today has been awful.

Alcohol: admitting the most embarrassing feelings you have and making you feel bad for ever thinking of it.

Ok so now this app works again.

Thank god

Ok so I guess I cant open my blog on the app anymore.

I guess I’ll only be on like once a month now.

Tonight was honestly a very good night. Didn’t really do too much but, for once, I didn’t hate that.

“And the Lord looked down upon the Hockey Gods and said “Ye shall bestow a throng of injuries upon the Pittsburgh Penguins, and only upon the Pittsburgh Penguins, so be it.” and it was so.”
— The Bible probably… (via modernfairytale)

(via modernfairytale)